Installing an Automatic Garage Door Lock Kit

Home security is essential. There are expensive alarm systems that can be installed on doors and windows; there are a number of systems and options for you to choose from. Many thefts occur with a simple entrance through the garage of the house owner. This problem can be easily solved by installing a garage door lock kit.

Instructions to install an automatic garage door lock kit: screw the lock auto garage in the lane side garage door. Cable Cord self-timer with lock your garage door and fiber cable to the wall. Connect the cable to an input port of your current garage door. Set the timer to auto lock.

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Finally, to install garage door lock kit, close the garage door and once the timer is activated after closing the door, the countdown timer set time and slide the latch on the side rail of the garage door. The wire connected to the garage door will trigger the automatic locking to unlock when you press the button to open the garage door when you get home.