How to Build Garage Bike Rack

Garage bike rack – The bikers use a variety of tools in their work and one that is used daily is the bike rack. These, they used to repair bicycles, allow the machine lifted from the ground and to keep them fix it while sitting or standing. Thus, it allows better access to all parts of the bike and provides more comfort to perform the task. Good support of any reputable brand could cost more than US $ 300, a little more expensive than what a person who wants to repair his bike at home would pay. Fortunately accounts with a less expensive alternative, through building your own support.

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Garage bike rack begins first with the construction of the base. Make an “H” with screwing pipes with the help of the ratchet, two sections of 10-inch pipe on both sides of a “T”. Then hand screwed two pieces of 12 inches on either side of another “T”. Connecting one end of the section pieces having 10 inches to the “T” that is attached to the two sections of 12 inches, screwing together with the ratchet. Repeat the same process for the other end of the section that has the 10-inch pieces to form an “H”.