How to Install a Garage Door Motor

In this article we will explain how to install a garage door motor easily by following a series of steps.

Steps to install garage door motor: place the cables in the electrical installation. Place the motor base at a distance of between 4 and 5 meters from the door. Fix the metal base to the ground. Feed the cable through the bottom hole of the metal base and motor base. Unlock the motor by inserting the key.

Then, place the rack on the door leaving a distance of 2 mm between it and the pinion and the level checking their righteousness. Check the final race spring does not touch the zipper. Anchor the engine. Place the limit stops at both ends of the door. Screw caps nylon zipper. Engine the block. Disconnect the power. Plug the connector into the control unit.

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Install photocells aligning perfectly opposite each other. Connect the photocells to the electrical box with one of the two cables 2 x 0.75 mm. Finally, to install garage door motor, install the light bulb using cable 2 x 1.5 mm. Pressing schedule receiver issuers.