Ideal Paint Garage Floor

Ideal type of paint garage floor is the two-component epoxy paint. These paintings are similar to the epoxy adhesive used to fix the broken plates or attach accessories to the walls, but they have colors like paint. The two epoxy components are: the sealer, which will be absorbed on the surface of the concrete or cement and seal against moisture damage and stains, and the painting itself. The epoxy will run as a joint paint and can withstand wear and tear for years without chipping or fading.

Before considering using of any type of paint garage floor, you should perform test moisture. Even the best epoxy paints can not cope with excessive moisture seepage through the concrete; the paint garage floor is cracked and flaking under such exposure to moisture. Cut a piece of 2 square feet (0.18 square meters) of transparent plastic sheets and covers all edges of your floor with tape. Make sure the floor is completely sealed. Leave it for 48 hours, and then check it to see if there is any condensation on the plastic. If there is, you can not use paint on the floor.

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