Removing the Garage Floor Epoxy

The painting is a popular coating garage floor epoxy because it’s incredibly resistant under intense pressure. Unfortunately, this same quality makes it almost impossible to remove using only friction. If you want to remove a layer of epoxy the floor of your garage, you have to apply one or more washes of acid to the surface. ¬†Open the garage door for ventilation. Use acid-resistant goggles, coveralls, gloves, boots and a mask with filter grade acid. Moisten the garage floor lightly with a hose. Any accumulation of water dried with towels.

Add a gallon of water (3.7 L) cubed of 5 gallons (18.9 l). Slowly mix 12 ounces of muriatic acid (340 g) using a long-handled brush. Do not add acid to the bucket before adding the water, as this may cause splashing of acid container. Apply the acid solution garage floor epoxy coating with a long-handled brush. Acid not pour directly on the surface. Let it settle for 10 minutes.

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It neutralizes acid generously scattering baking soda on the surface. Let sit for five minutes and then rinse the surface with a hose. Rinse any remaining garage floor epoxy concentrating high water pressure on him, using the pressure washer. Add a gallon of water (3.7 L) at the 5-gallon bucket of acid (18.9 l). Stir the baking soda until the contents have no effervescence.