Applying Insulated Garage Doors

insulated garage doors transmitting heat and cold in the garage and the house. Large metal surfaces of the door acts as a radiator, exposing your garage to the outside climate. This effect can make the garage uncomfortable on hot days or cold, can increase the amount of your electric bill. Installing insulated garage doors is easy and can be completed in an hour. If you do not want to use a kit, Styrofoam panels are available in stores and home improvement work just as well.

Measures the size of the individual panels of the insulated garage doors. Measure the height of each panel inside the metal bars that frame panels. Measure the width of the panels outwardly of the frame bars so that the panel fit between the bars. Place strips on the sides of the frame channels.

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Place the top edge of the polystyrene panels on top of the bar to the frame of the door section. Fold the center panel out slightly and push the bottom of the panel on the bottom bar of the frame. Drop the panel. It should be straightened and snapped onto the bars of the frame in insulated garage doors