Essential Characteristics of the Unique Garage Doors Silvelox

Silvelox designs, manufactures and installs what many describe as the best luxury garage doors. The unique garage doors Silvelox born of devotion to design, aesthetics and obsession for detail.  Silvelox fits its doors in any architectural style, from traditional to contemporary. The customization is maximized to fit any genre. In fact these garage doors are made ​​to measure to meet the demands of the owner. Silvelox offers a variety of finishes, accessories and materials, such as traditional wood but also modern elements. Hence the facility that exists to create a traditional garage door and quite another with a more contemporary style.

Silvelox created unique garage doors armored in incorporating the latest technologies in safety and security. The aim is to ensure an architectural element that meets the most exquisite and personalized design, in turn, meets a high level of security.

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Steel interior. All unique garage doors have Silvelox inside a solid steel frame, which is almost impossible to bend or break. The steel is coated with a precision engineering across the door panels, wood and other accessories which transform the hardness and safety of its interior in an elegant and beautiful on the outside door.