Changing a Roller Garage Door Track

Change the roller garage door track is not a difficult project and keeps your garage door running smoothly. The garage door has two lower rollers, two upper rollers and several rolls of center in the middle. It can replace the top and middle rollers removing the hinge door rotation. You should not try to replace the lower roller. Remove the nuts holding the through the hinge roller garage door with a pipe wrench 7/16 inch screw, if your garage door is wood.

Touch the through bolt with a hammer to hit the walk-through screw hinge. If you have steel door, hinges secure with self-tapping screws hexagonal head. Remove these hinge screws with a socket wrench 3/8. Pull the hinge roller garage door track. Insert the roller wheel on the rail garage door track and align the mounting holes in the hinge with mounting holes of the original doors.

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Replace the self-tapping screws to secure the hinge of the door, if the door is steel. In wooden doors, ask a friend to go out of the garage door and touch the screws through the back through the door while the hinge remains. Place the nuts fastening bolt through the socket wrench.