Roll Up Garage Door

There are two types of door curtain guide at : overhead doors and rolling shutters. When the roll up garage door shutter door curtain ROMA from the vertical is wrapped around a steel shaft. In case of a “blend cap system” in a protective aluminum casing.

Advantages of roll up garage door: The garage ceiling remains free for large, bulky items such as surfboard, ladders, etc., or for multiple lighting fixtures. Equipped with the ROMA rolling system of draft-free and gentle on the material inlet of the rolling shutter profile is ensured in the guide rails.

A sturdy design and high-quality engineering bearings are hallmarks of this rolling system. For holistic safety concept includes the roll-off protection that meets the latest European standards, as well as the integrated emergency control (INB). When power is lost, the INB allows the door to open or close. Another safety feature for rolling doors is the effective “anti-lift device gates (HST)” for roller shutters of roll up garage door. The direct connection of the door curtain to the shaft-lifting clamp is practically impossible.

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