Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom Garage Cabinets-The Carpentry Department, based in Novi di Modena, in addition to being about 20 years a reference point for the sale of doors, windows and fixtures quality and best brands in the province of Mantua in northern Italy, is also involved in creation of custom cabinets in wood, cabinets for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or other environments and custom libraries bargains.

All the custom garage cabinets  used by our skilled craftsmen are carefully selected and processed with maximum precision. In addition, the coatings are made with products of the best brands, which are environmentally friendly and that are able to guarantee a great resistance and durability tempo.Se’re thinking to enrich a room in your home with a custom furniture, which reflects exactly the your aesthetic tastes, then please contact the Great Carpenter, who with passion and professionalism will provide a unique and personalized.

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A custom garage cabinets  also the ideal solution to exploit every corner available.Our team of skilled craftsmen with extensive experience in woodworking and, thanks to the use of machinery and modern equipment, is able to ensure the highest accuracy in the process of cutting and leveling and high attention to detail.

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