Garage Man Cave Ideas

Garage man cave ideas, the caveman are increasingly an important space in the house. Although it is called a man cave, everyone in the family, along with friends of both sexes are generally welcome. It is a place for a flat screen TV, a variety of electronic, games and maybe a bar. If you do not have room in your home for a caveman, consider the garage. It is almost ready made space for a caveman. You know that women are generally welcome in a caveman. So, what is needed? Before you can decide what goes in his garage-turned-man cave, you need to get it ready. And also isolate and add dry wall. You will have to figure out what to do with the wall with the door. Furthermore, the roof may need to be completed. Lighting and electrical needs should be assessed. A cement floor may be fine for a caveman, but you may want to lay tile on it.

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Related to garage man cave ideas, at least there are three items that you have to prepare.  The first is golf room. Golf is an ideal theme for a caveman who used to be a garage. Use simple color schemes with white, green, blue sky and sand-like colors. Install dark wood cabinets with brass hardware for storage. Add leather furniture and a big screen TV to entertain your guests. There is one perfect touch to this room and if you have much budget allows, an electronic golf simulator, interactive.

Then, the second is billiard room. In order to have looking of classic, billiard hall involves dark colors — wood hunter green or burgundy and dark — with shiny brass hardware. The size of the garage will play an important role in the activities may be included. The pool table is a must and can be bought new or second hand, depending on your budget. The addition of a bar, TV and stereo can complete the look. Accessories may include metal or neon signs vintage. Stain the concrete floor to increase the look.

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And the third or the last item is arcade. Converting a garage into a games room is an especially familiar option. Include activities for children and other visitors. Instead of a bar and dark colors, consider modern. Bright yellow, blue or neutral are ideal. Add pinball, arcade games and a TV. Finally, that’s all about garage man cave ideas that can I share for today. Thank you very much.