Tips of Insulate Garage Door

Insulate garage door – Why Insulate the garage? In the average home, the largest area that is not isolated throughout the house is the garage. Therefore, you will be losing more heat out of your garage in winter. If you are planning to use your garage for a workspace or office, you will certainly want to insulate your garage.

The insulate garage door  you buy probably will look like very thick foam pressed between flat plate sheets. Buy some aluminum foil tape, also available at hardware stores and Home Depot, and a knife. Using a tape measure, carefully measure the gaps between the garage door when the garage is opened and closed. Using a knife, cut the foam insulation to the measures you determine, and press it in place with aluminum tape.

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Not all insulate garage door is created equally. Asbestos was used as insulation in many homes and garages for years, but it’s no longer cool to use because it was found to be dangerous. Asbestos is a fibrous insulation that can get in your lungs if disturbed. Before attempting to insulate your garage, make sure you do not have any asbestos in your garage. You can get an asbestos check from a home inspector.