Style of Steel Stair Stringers

Steel stair stringers are ideal for use outdoors or industrial air, as well resist high traffic, weight and the harshness of the elements .The steps of a steel staircase consist of two parts: the tread and the riser. The footprint is the flat part where are placed the feet when walking down stairs. The riser is the front of the step with which the tread is at an angle of 90 degrees. The treads and risers may be welded together to form a single unit or may be separate units that are joined with bolts.

A number of different components from side to hold the ladder steps. Steel stair stringers, also called stringer, are supported by the steps. A crossbar is placed on each side of the steps to position the steps in creating an inclination to go up a slope. The stringers are cut patterns to fit them comfortably steps on each side thereof.

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The rails or handrails made safer to use a steel stair stringers. Railings follow the same angle as the rails and go to the waist to help up the stairs more easily. The rails are attached to or through the footsteps of similar vertical poles units called balusters. The row of bars along the side of the steps is called balustrade.