Functional Under Stairs Storage Ideas

The space under the stairs can contain the mess, nothing at all, a makeshift office or a well designed under stairs storage ideas that increases the square footage used at home. A small storage space under stair can still function as a closet, with or without door.

If you have a large to become a under stairs storage ideas closet under stair space, make it a walk-in. Place the columns of shelves and open drawers against the front wall. Beside them a rod for hanging clothes running under more open shelves that can hold boxes of hats or guardians to accessories out of the season.

More hanging shelves for shirts on the bottom and jackets on top, sit under the angle of the stairs. They hid behind the clothes are more under stairs storage ideas boxes lids for off-season clothing that can be removed when the seasons change. A skinny cabinet on wheels can be moved around as shoes, boots and bags on open shelves and house needed. The back of the door has a full length mirror and bright lights hanging from the ceiling light mime day. Paint walls and white furniture to maximize the brightness in space.

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