Installing Carpet Runners for Stairs

Installing carpet runners for stairs will provide two main advantages. The carpet runner will save wear on the treads of the stairs and cut down on noise in your home. This project is not difficult conceptually, but it does take a little physical strength to handle the stair hall, which is heavy.

Instructions to installing carpet runners for stairs: place the bottom of the carpet runner. Place the bottom edge of the carpet runner in place at the bottom of the first riser. Pull the carpet runner along the bottom tread band and push hard against the tack strip at the bottom of the riser using a knee kicker. Place the plate pin knee kicker in the center of the tread 2 inches in front of the riser. Keep the level of kicker knee with one hand to prevent the level. Push the carpet runner in place against the tack strip every 3 inches.

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Pack the carpet runner firmly at the intersection where the elevator is located in the tread. Continue to install the carpet runners for stairs. When the elevators up, cut the carpet runner to fit right under the nose of the plant. Use a staple gun to attach the carpet runner to the top of the riser.