Requirement of Stair Tread Ideas

The tread is the part of the staircase is pressed. In the jargon of the construction of the UK, it is called the “go.” It is an important measure to ensure that you have an adequate amount of tread safety. The elevator is the vertical space between the tread. Nose or nosing is fit on the outer edge of the stair tread ideas. Usually it has a bull-nose profile.

Building regulations in the UK says that steps of stair tread ideas must have a minimum depth of 220 mm in a private home. Institutional buildings and meeting places should have a course of at least 280 mm on her stairs. The remaining buildings should take steps that are at least 250 mm deep.

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The recommendations of UK construction do not impose a minimum width of the staircase step. However, the recommendations of the construction industry suggest a minimum width of the ladder 600 mm, with a recommended width of 850 mm.

The steps in a spiral staircase, or circular must all be the same depth around the center of each tread. The last requirement of stair tread ideas are the surface of the tread should be slip and be well maintained and of satisfactory quality.