How to Build For a Jersey Shadow Box Display Case

A display method is to mount the shirt in a shadow box display case; this method of conservation protects jersey roaming fingers, dust and dirt. Instructions, Measure, mark and cut two pieces of wood inch 1-for-2 32-inch long. These are the left and right of the box and part shade. Measure, mark and cut two pieces of wood 1 inch by 2-40 inches long. These are the top and bottom of the shadow box.

Adjusting the miter saw at an angle of 45 degrees. Shadow box display case Cut the two ends of the sides, top and bottom at opposite 45 degree angles. The timber should have the shape of a trapezium. The cuts must be made 1 inch edge of each piece. Place each piece of wood on the 2-inch wide side on a flat surface. Place a 1/4 inch edge router in the router. Place the bottom of the frame on a flat surface with the narrow edge of Part 1 inch upward.

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Run a bead of glue around the edge of each corner where the next piece comes together. To shadow box display case, Replace the boards and nail the sides to the bottom with finishing nails at each corner. Measure, mark and cut a piece of quarter inch plywood measuring 32 inches wide and 40 inches long.