Accessories for 2015 Indoor Stairs

To add the finishing touch to your 2015 indoor stairs pick a number of accessories, among which are the kind of steps, the railing and the material that best suits your style. Some are made of wood, glass, transparent or opaque glass and metal or steel, and so on. There are also flown steps. It is recommended with non-slip material to prevent falls on the steps. Railing is placed on the perimeter of the 2015 indoor stairs to prevent falls by improving the security of the ladder.

With cable or pipe balusters. If you opt for a wired, you can choose between different ways which are cross linked with various designs are achieved. Security fences Closes access to the staircase from the upper deck. They are suitable for protecting children or pets falling and to limit their access to certain rooms of the house.

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2015 indoor stairs must leave free access to any door or window that is located in the place where going to place. The ladder should have a recommended 80 to 90 cm wide to ensure your comfort. In the case of spiral staircases, the minimum diameter should be 150 cm. The height between step and step should not exceed 18 cm.