Brief History of the Swivel Accent Chair

New swivel accent chair in the program, with a friendly design and simple function, which invite to take a seat. We take this opportunity to product launch to review the story of a little swivel chair in detail. Less functional office furniture but with a strong design orientation were designed, for example, by Frank Lloyd Wright, who developed special swivel accent chair with grid for the administrative building of the company Larkin. Also Michael Thune, the entrepreneur’s most important furniture of the century, entered the office equipment: Otto Wagner in cooperation with elegant chairs for the Post of Vienna, however, they could barely meet the daily demands of work were designed office.

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The technology does not invade the foreground, but is integrated intuitively use; collaborate with it the adjustment buttons properly designed. Thus, after the chairs of rectilinear wood and machinery recharged mechanisms with RIYA we have reached the office of the XXI century, where seating furniture are no status symbol, or nor do I sign hierarchical supremacy. A good swivel accent chair is properly designed; it corresponds to the ergonomic requirements of employees and yet is easy to use. Human touch instead of machine to sit. Is not that sound good?