Ideas for Stair Treads Decoration

If you take advantage of every corner of your house, adding color and your creativity can create the most unexpected effects. While the ideas for stair treads do not receive much attention in many households, there is no reason to be excluded from your decorating scheme: the stairs can be a room in itself! Make them up or down is an experience; an exciting journey to the next floor. Areas such as handrails or risers-the frontal face of the steps are perfect candidates for quick and easy change with simple coats of paint. It’s about rethinking the blanks: each step or the sum of all they are a blank canvas.

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Ideas for stair treads in this section, with some blackboard paint applied, make each step a blackboard to write or draw on them! Use patterns attractive design for ideas for stair treads! Either pre stencils and paint or tile with unique designs can breathe new life into the riser of each step. It colors when it is still a color palette that matches the room or adjacent tones. The patterns are varied, the almost endless possibilities: geometric shapes, stripes, polka dots and other shapes that can be combined to create fun patterns.