Bunk Beds with Stairs Ideas

Bunk beds with stairs are a cabinet ideal for small children to sleep in a small room. They enable them to climb stairs to bed easily are running the risk of having a straight hand. The structure of double berth the amount of sleeping space in a room. If only one child sleeping in the room, you can use the extra space for a desk or area games. Ask the lumberyard the place where you can buy your wood and you cut it to the desired length. Many will do this for free and abraded rough edges. If you do not help, you can cut yourself wood. Take the measure twice and cut.

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Place the bunk bed with stairs on its longest side and aligns two posts below 4×4 cut wood. The top of the posts should extend two feet off the top of the structure. Bolts used to secure the posts to the structure. Similarly fixed two poles on the other side of the structure. Place the structure on its feet and make sure it is level.

Build the ladder on bunk bed with stairs. Make sure the ends of the rails are cut at an angle of 45 degrees in opposite directions to smooth supportive way on the floor and the bed frame.

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