Replacing Garage Door Weather Seal

The bottom door seals your garage door weather seal talus is a rubber or foam. This talus creates a seal between the garage floor and the door, preventing rainwater from seeping into the garage. Eventually the lower gasket becomes brittle and develops cracks, resulting in poor sealing. Solve the problem using a spare rubber strip which is available in stores for garage door service centers and home improvement.

Open the garage door weather seal completely. If you have an automatic opener, unplug the power cord from the wall roof. This helps prevent someone from accidentally closing the door while you are replacing the seal. Place one end of the new seal on the end of the lower section of the garage door weather seal. The angled part of the seal should point to inside the garage. With a hammer, a nail inserted through the seal against the door. Stretch the gasket slightly to half of the door. Do not stretch very tightly, just enough to make it a little loose. Insert another roofing nail through the door seal at this point. Stretching the seal to the opposite end of the door and insert a roofing nail through the garage door weather seal.

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