Vinyl Stair Treads and Risers Ideas

Manufacturers make vinyl stair treads and risers flooring in squares, one piece sheets and planks. Boards mimic the grain size and wood floors, so that distinguish wood or laminate coatings difficult. Homeowners installing vinyl plank floors and stair lifts through a house as a floor and step covering economic and visually pleasing. Vinyl planks are easy to care for and maintain. Many vinyl planks are easy to cut and have a self-adhesive for self-installation a snap liner.

Spray a cloth, sponge or paper towel with an all-purpose cleaner and clean stair lifts, which are the section of the ladder the toes kicking up the vinyl stair treads and risers, to remove dirt and oils. Scrape peeling paint of the bands with a paint scraper. Vacuum the stairs to remove paint chips and dust.

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Hold a large sheet of heavy weight on the step. Plot size and shape of the Step with a pencil. Step cut the shape with scissors. Label the pattern to match the Escalope. Not all the steps are the same size. Place enough vinyl stairs treads and risers’ planks well abutting each other on a workbench with the unfinished side up to mimic the length and width of Escalope. Adjust the paper pattern on the boards of vinyl. Trace the outline of the pattern with a grease pencil.