Remodeling Mirrored Nightstands

The art of making decorative compositions or drawings with small ceramic pieces of various colors, is characterized by its ornamental beauty and be waterproof. mirrored nightstands is a versatile technique that gives us many possibilities to decorate, either indoors or outdoors and adapts without difficulty to three-dimensional objects. Another advantage is that you can work with very different materials, mirrors, mosaics, fragments of dishes, tiles, glass , etc.

Garden tables, mirrors, vases, wooden boxes, candle holders, coasters and many more objects mirrored nightstands, allow the surface to capture in this technique, providing a solution of color and personality into pieces that so far we proved unattractive. You just have to keep broken porcelain and earthenware pieces of tile, glass or similar material and unused. When you already have a small amount, you can begin to change the face of your objects.

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The tiles also can buy, in that case, you can choose mirrored nightstands the size and shape of them. If you decide to do the job with a fixed design, so do it first on paper and then pass the object to decorate. With this simple technique, you You will give a touch of magic to your furniture mirrored nightstands, trays and all kinds of objects which use it.