Garage Parking Aid

Garage Parking Aid-The two cone parking aids are a little more high tech. The first of the ultrasonic parking sensors is hanging. These work by sensing how close your Vehicle is to the sensing unit. It sends the information to unit china Acts like traffic light is. Green is go, yellow is slow, red is stop. The nice thing about hang is rang unit can be mounted light in an easy spot to see.

Our favorite is the Park Zone PZ-1900. It lets you set the exact actually distance you want unlike others is having settings for predetermined distances. My uncle uses this one and really likes it. He has an extra cab pickup ¾ ton is he likes to back into the garage. The sensing unit is mounted on the wall and parts cleaner gaga his workbench with the light mounted to the left above the cleaner parts. When he backs in he can see garage parking aid the light in his side view mirror unit.

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The drawback with this type of parking aid a do not work well chug if you need to get much closer charcoal 12 “from the sensor. Also, some tend to be finicky if a different original car khan the sensor is used to set the parked randomly in the same spot. Last on our list is the parking garage laser. These are mounted to the ceiling and work motion detector senses chi van pulling your car garage. The unit then Activates a red laser beam shines down onto am your car. When the bright red dot of the laser light across the vehicle works chinch no to a predetermined spot, drunk can dashboard for example, then you know you are in the correct chi area to garage parking aid