Making a Metal Pickets for Stairs

Metal pickets for stairs or steps may be necessary in a garden built on a slope. You can do the steps of wood, metal, concrete or other materials, but some kind of natural stone usually will fit better with a sloping garden. There are still many options – irregular or uncut slab, large boulders or quarry stone cut into regular shapes.

Design of metal pickets for stairs. Measure the length of the space ladder with a tape measure to determine the number of treads needed. Calculate the angle of putting a stick on top and higher participation or pole at the bottom. Extends a line with a line level between the two and measure the distance from the ground to the line at the bottom to get the hang of the slope.

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Mark the outer edges of the metal pickets for stairs with stakes and twine mason. Allow at least 36 inches wide for most of the stairs; closer they accommodate only one person comfortably. Brand vertical locations. Put together by the metal pickets for stairs in vertical places for temporary support on a steep slope or if you are using stones cut in a regular pattern.