Tips on Using the Entry Door with Sidelights

Entry door with sidelights – door with sidelights add appeal and style to your home, but can also make it easier for thieves to invade your home. Sidelights is a narrow piece of glass that fits on each side of the front or rear door. Glass is usually recorded, may contain glass or other decorative elements. These position decorative lights can offer rapid entry into their home by an intruder, because it may break the glass and opened the door handle. You can get any kind of unwanted entrance.

Another option put on entry doors with sidelights are using reinforced glass or laminated to provide greater security to this area of ​​the door. Consider installing a home security system that sounds when the glass broke.

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Measure the length and width of the side with a tape measure. Visit a company source house, greenhouse or home security to buy wrought iron fences or protective wire placed at entry doors with sidelights. This does not prevent the glass from breaking, but it makes it more difficult for thieves to reach the opening position to the light to open the outer door. Do this on each side aspect within 42 inches of the door lock.