Cheap Carpet Stair Treads

Put cheap carpet stair treads can reduce the sound of footsteps and you can add an element of security and comfort to them. A carpet can also serve to unite rooms and floors, adding a professional touch to your home decor. When calculating how much you need carpet, measured steps and rungs. The rung of the ladder is the horizontal part where you put your foot. The step is the vertical part of the stairs.

It measures the total width of the steps. Measurement rounded to the nearest foot. Multiply the number of steps by the number of measurement steps. For example, if  4 steps, multiply them by 18 inches, for a total length of 180 inches. Calculate cheap carpet stair treads the area of ​​the stairs in square feet. Multiply the width in feet for the total length. For example, 1 feet by 3 feet equals 45 square feet.

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Find the extent square yards of what is needed carpet. There are 9 square feet in each square yard. Divide the total square feet per 9 square feet. The result of this amount is needed top cheap carpet stair treads. In the example cited above, 45 divided split 9 is equal to 5 square yard of carpet