Stair Design

Best Storage Under Stairs Ideas

Under Stairs Storage Ideas Design

Storage under stairs ideas – Even in most homes, sometimes it is not enough storage space. If you need a place for seasonal goods or luggage space for everyday, closets and attics cannot provide the necessary areas. The hollow area under the stairs can act as an storage under stairs …

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How to Install Wood Staircase

Wood Staircase Design

Although the stairs were built using a variety of materials over the years, the wood staircase is still the most common. Here are some tips on how to install wooden stairs. Sets the perimeter of the space. The best way to determine the type of wood staircase you need to …

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Bunk Beds With Stairs Diy

Bunk Beds With Stairs Diy Zoom

Bunk Beds With Stairs Diy-Children’s bunk beds made of natural wood painted in bright colors, compact space saving room, just make your baby’s room becomes more beautiful and lovely. You can also choose to buy the single bed with drawers This brackish facilities, just a place to sleep And nothing …

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Stair Balustrades Metal

Stair Balustrades Metal Pretty

Stair Balustrades Metal-Innovation, passion and ability are the strengths of the company Turra Armando; founded in 1978 with an artisan imprint, it is today a landmark in housing and industrial design, construction and installation of railings, stairs, railings, gates and window frames. Over the years it has been enriched by …

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Stairs Designs 2015 Ideas

Modern Stairs Designs 2015

The stairs are definitely the stars of the spaces in which they live, due to its role as a movement and its decorative possibilities. Stairs designs 2015 should take into account these factors and aims to get the most out of these spaces. There are three fundamental questions that arise …

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Stair Railings Iron Luxury

Stair Railings Iron Luxury Warm

Stair Railings Iron Luxury-Handrail as an integral part of building design. Apart from the main effect is to create safety for the user when climbing stairs, railings are designed in harmony with the interior architecture, matching space will create an area of ​​charm and luxury to the throne In the …

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Tips Use of Wood Stair Railings

Light Brown Wood Stair Railings

Wood stair railings – Stairs rails can be made of various materials such as metal and wood. One of the most popular materials is wood, because of its flexibility. You can improve the design of a wooden box, by adding different elements. But the most popular type of material used …

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Stair Railings Exterior

Stair Railings Exterior Glass

Stair Railings Exterior–Glass balustrade is a lot of categories of use, the glass balustrade beautiful décor for your home. Glass railing would make sense to extend the architectural space, bring modern beauty, elegance and always been considered one of the important architectural landmark for interior exterior, the selection of the …

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How to Fold Stair Handrail Design Spiral

Chromed Stainless Steel Stair Handrail

Stair handrail design – The spiral stairs, reminiscent of medieval French caves, offer more than just designs and intricate curved. Minimize the amount of space floor needed to install the stairs. Made of iron or wood, bend a handrail for a spiral staircase it is possible with the right tools …

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Vinyl Outdoor Stair Railing

Vinyl Outdoor Stair Railing Wrong

Vinyl Outdoor Stair Railing-Outdoor stairs, if they lead to a deck or porch, often need some kind of railing. This is not only to help those who need help getting up the stairs, but also as a safety measure in case someone has a misstep. If you are considering installing …

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