Stair Tread

Ideas for Stair Treads Decoration

Good Ideas For Stair Treads

If you take advantage of every corner of your house, adding color and your creativity can create the most unexpected effects. While the ideas for stair treads do not receive much attention in many households, there is no reason to be excluded from your decorating scheme: the stairs can be …

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Easy Installing Carpet Stair Treads

Carpet Stair Treads Color

There are many options as to put carpet on stairs. Installation method and structure of steps depends on style and personal preferences. If you are installing carpet stair treads yourself, choose appropriate option for your installation skills and do not forget to keep in mind durability of material you use …

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Vinyl Stair Treads and Risers Ideas

Vinyl Stair Treads And Risers Image

Manufacturers make vinyl stair treads and risers flooring in squares, one piece sheets and planks. Boards mimic the grain size and wood floors, so that distinguish wood or laminate coatings difficult. Homeowners installing vinyl plank floors and stair lifts through a house as a floor and step covering economic and …

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Requirement of Stair Tread Ideas

Elegant Stair Tread Ideas

The tread is the part of the staircase is pressed. In the jargon of the construction of the UK, it is called the “go.” It is an important measure to ensure that you have an adequate amount of tread safety. The elevator is the vertical space between the tread. Nose …

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Cheap Carpet Stair Treads

Cheap Carpet Stair Treads Image

Put cheap carpet stair treads can reduce the sound of footsteps and you can add an element of security and comfort to them. A carpet can also serve to unite rooms and floors, adding a professional touch to your home decor. When calculating how much you need carpet, measured steps …

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